Health, Security, Safety & Environment
Mai 7,8 and 9 2018

Program HSSE

07 Mai 2018 :

17h:00 Inscription & welcome Cocktail

08 Mai 2018 :

08h:00 Participants Accuiel
09h:30 Safety Instructions
09h:35 Opening Panel : « For Better Perception of HSSE Messages »
10h:30 Debate
10h:40 Coffee break
11h:00 Plenary Session Nº1: « Risk Management: Angular to Prevent Risks »
11h:45 Plenary Session Nº2: « HSSE , Indispensable Component of the Business Strategy »
12h:30 Debate
13h:00 Déjeuner
14h:30 Plenary Session Nº3: « Real practice HSSE in tunisian industry »
15h:30 Debate
16h:00 Coffee break
16h:20 Plenary Session Nº4: « Environnement : Risques & Gouvernance »
17h:20 Debate

09 Mai 2018:

09h:00 Plenary Session Nº5: « HSSE news : Update and Possible Regulatory Needs »
10h:20 Debate
10h:45 " Evacuation Practice Exercises "
10h:55 Coffee break
11h:10 Plenary Session Nº6: For HSSE even More Powerful
12h:10 Debate
12h:30 Déjeuner
14h:00 Plenary Session Nº7: « Pledges and threats for the Company security »
15h:00 Debate
15h:15 Coffee break
16h:00 Plenary Session Nº8: « Testimonials and Experiences HSSE »
17h:00 Summary & Closing of the Conference