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April 15,16 and 17 2019

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" Every 15 seconds, a worker die in an accident or due to a work-related disease. "
" Every 15 seconds, 160 workers are victims of a work-related accident "

Source: International Labour Organization " ILO "

Every day 6300 people die from a work accident or a work-related illness - more than 2.3 million deaths per year. Most of the 317 million accidents that occur each year resulting in extended absences from work .
Worker exposure to extreme conditions and multiple accidents every day have made safety a very important point contained in the agenda of high-risk industrial companies particularly in the oil and gas sector or environmental damage is the most serious and the loss of human life is the highest.
constantly changing world of work is always accompanied by serious challenges to the protection of workers and therefore only sustainable solutions will enable us to prevent these work accidents.

Additional expenses and the economic burden of bad practices of occupational safety and health are very important and the human cost of this daily threat is considerable.
Therefore, occupational safety and health service has become a major challenge for the company.
The implementation of a policy HSSE and adequate procedures within a company necessarily allow to avoid several accidents, occupational diseases and especially to preserve much of human life.
Although in recent years we see a significant reduction in work accidents and damage to the environment, it turned out that the average international security remains elusive for some companies. Therefore, in some cases improvements are still needed, with the impact they may cause on the environmental and financial plans.
health, safety and environmental became one of the main considerations for industrial and oil companies.
Conscious of the need to comply with regulations and standards in force, and the risks inherent in their activities, industrial and oil firms have the resources and technology to improve their safety performance and efficient management of the environment.
The Annual ConferenceHSSE , wish will be held in Tunisia and will take place the 15, 16 and 17 april 2019, will address key themes of Risk Management Health Security Sûreté & Environment and it will unveil the latest and best practices HSSE.
This annual meeting will bring together the Managers, Executives, Engineers and Technicians, and the Risk Management Managers, HSSE and their Collaborators, different sectors. 4th Conference Annual HSSE in which aims interprofessionels the exchanges, give the "opportunity to discuss Issues, Issues and Challenges of Service HSSE and the role of managers HSSE.
This high-level event is sure to present risk perception, safety performance improvement and ENVIRONEMENTALE management plans. Vision Zero (zero accidents) a world where work is safe and healthy, a world without serious work accidents, such is the objective to which we will devote all our energy.

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